Acupuncture MinneapolisA graduate of the MN College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Steve Bialon has been pursuing the study of Chinese martial arts and medicine for over 30 years, and delights in sharing his discoveries with others.

He began studying Kung Fu at the age of 12, where was first introduced to the Chinese concept of “Qi”, and how this could be harnessed to strengthen, regulate, and heal the body. Over the years, Steve has had the chance to learn martial arts and Qigong (Energy/Breath work) from several widely-respected masters, one of whom was actually a professor of Chinese medicine in New York. After witnessing numerous people obtain relief from various pains and injuries from training with acupressure, massage, and herbs, Steve knew he had found his passion and calling.

For nearly ten years, he was the owner and head instructor of United Martial Arts, formerly in Plymouth, MN. In 2006, he chose to ‘fold his hands’ and step back from the full-time occupation of teaching in order to spend more time focusing on the healing aspects of the arts, though he continues to teach martial arts on a private basis and is currently in the process of instituting regular classes once again.

Steve brings a great deal of energy, focus, and vigor to his treatments, harmoniously combining the energetic sensitivity, strength, and insight gleaned from long years of martial arts study with a classical education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and considers himself blessed to be able to help others.