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Acupuncture Fridley MN

Licensed acupuncturist Steve Bialon of White Dragon Healing Arts Acupuncture Clinic expertly and painlessly places acupuncture needles and synergistically uses cupping therapy and asian massage techniques to assist in healing his patients.

What happens at an acupuncture session?

You might be wondering what a session with our licensed acupuncturist could be like. The first session with us is most critical obviously because that is when you get to sit down with your acupuncturist and decide on the best treatment plan to meet your goals and expectations. It all starts when you book an appointment with use and come in for an examination.  Here is what you should expect.

During your first session, you should be ready to answer some important questions and a close exam and a diagnosis. The questions might range from your medical history and the reasons why you think you need the therapy in the first place. These questions will help your acupuncturist to determine the best course of action for you.

Based on your diagnoses, our acupuncturist will choose the best method to use on the affected parts and select some acupuncture points. There are several techniques to choose from depending on the acupuncturist’s specialization. Typically, needles needed will be even numbered and be placed symmetrically about the body.

What you can expect from our therapy sessions

Without results for our patients, we would not be in existence. We thrive on the good word spread by our previous patients who keep coming back for more of the magic that restores their health. We manage our clients’ expectations by being completely honest during the initial stages. That way each and every patient we receive will get their miracle and appreciate it.

What to expect from this procedure depends on the problem you are facing. Your response to the therapy also depends on the extent of damage to your normal functions that has already occurred. This means the success of the therapy can range from improvements to completely cured.

Does acupuncture cure cancer?

Unfortunately, there are no techniques that are effective about some pathologies like cancer which are beyond the scope of diseases we can cure. Fortunately acupuncture does improve the side effects of chemo. That’s one big plus of consulting with our local acupuncture clinic. You get straightforward answers on what we can or cannot manage.

Check out some referees

We always provide genuine success before and after stories that you can actually check out in the Frid lee Minnesota area. Seeing success stories of other recent patients with us plays a huge motivational role among people who were previously sitting on the fence. There are instances where we will refer you to another expert rather than opt to use acupuncture even when we know that it is unlikely to bear fruit.

Clinic in Fridley, Minnesota – Acupuncture near me

At our clinic in Fridley, Minnesota, we encourage you to try our acupuncture services for you and your loved ones. By joining us, you will not only receive your healing but also get to learn more about the Chinese acupuncture treatment options and the terminology. For our patients with severe need phobia, we have other treatment options so that you never have to worry too much.

To schedule an appointment with Steve today call 612-730-4336.