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Acupuncture Mounds View MN

Licensed acupuncturist Steve Bialon of White Dragon Healing Arts Acupuncture Clinic expertly and painlessly places acupuncture needles and synergistically uses cupping therapy and asian tui na massage techniques to assist in healing his patients.

What to expect with an acupuncture appointment

You might be wondering whether acupuncture is the alternative medicine that might finally restore your full body health and happiness. Welcome to our site and do feel welcome to try out acupuncture treatments for the betterment of you or your loved ones condition. But before you do, perhaps you would like to find out what acupuncture is all about and what to expect during a session with your acupuncturist. Below, we discuss what happens during a treatment session with your acupuncturist and what the benefits of choosing this alternative medicine there are.

Background on acupuncture

For five thousand years, the Chinese have known the medical value of this technique in restoring health by treating for a number of diseases. The ancient technique involves insertion of thin needles into the selected pathways in the body to restore balance and re-align health markers. We have the best practitioners in the region with the best gifted hands when it comes to acupuncture therapy. We offer a gentle approach to the art and science of healing for a powerful life changing and transformative experience with lasting benefits for health.

If you are wondering what acupuncture involves and how to find a practitioner in Minnesota you have landed on the right page, welcome home. What results are you expecting? Want to speak to a medical practitioner in the Mounds View area specializing in acupuncture? Call us today and enjoy premium services for an affordable rate.

Why should I consult an acupuncturist?

If modern drugs just aren’t delivering on the promise or are not exactly manageable for you or your loved one, you might want to take different approach which focuses on reconstructing your body’s natural defenses rather than recourse to drugs. Many conditions which are ‘untreatable’ in western medicine can indeed be alleviated using alternative medicine. Here are some conditions for which the able western modern medicine may be poorly adapted. There are instances when conventional drugs will do more harm than good due to the delicate nature of our bodies. The truth is that all chemicals included in regular medicinal drugs sold in chemists are to some extent toxic to the body and unnatural. Where alternative solutions can be sought, it is better to avoid prolonged use of the stronger class of drugs. Another problem common among prescription drug users in Mounds View Minnesota is addiction to the drugs. Since acupuncture promotes healing by stimulating the body’s own restoration mechanisms, it is not addictive.

Why choose our acupuncture clinic in Mounds View

The main reason to choose our acupuncture therapy is that we adopt global approach to treatment and healing. As opposed to conventional medicine, the therapy seeks not to treat the symptoms but to restore the normalcy in the operations of the body. This technique works for both curing of the illness and preventing future attacks. It’s the reason why we advise our patients to schedule appointments even when their health is okay, especially then.

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