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Acupuncture Spring Lake Park MN

Licensed acupuncturist Steve Bialon of White Dragon Healing Arts Acupuncture Clinic in Spring Lake Park Minnesota expertly and painlessly places acupuncture needles and synergistically uses cupping therapy and asian tui na massage techniques to assist in healing his patients.

Acupuncture is an ancient oriental treatment of various disease for thousands of years. If you have just discovered acupuncture, you might want to know some fun facts about acupuncture and a brief history of how the technique has worked for others in the past. We are also going to look into the slight differences between the traditional and modern practices of the popular healing art and science.

How effective is modern acupuncture.

One interesting facts about the therapy is that it remains pretty much the same and just as effective in treating a wide range of health issues even though we have come a long way with other forms of treatment. Over the centuries, the acupuncture treatment procedure has remained mostly rigid with only minute differences that are only a matter of preference and evolutions of modern equipment.

What has changed?

For instance, while long ago the needles were thicker and reused after sterilization, new needles have been developed with thinner diameters, are disposable and come sterilized. Today, needles are used only once for obvious reasons. We have also come a long way in terms of explaining how and why the art and science combination that is acupuncture actually works. In ancient times, they had their own view on the functioning of the body and prescriptions that were arrived at from many years of experience.

Another thing that has changed since ancient times to present is the way therapists explains acupuncture and the way people talk about it. Back then, people, including healers had a somewhat misconstrued but rather amazingly accurate view about the human anatomy and the reasons why we got sick. How they had gotten thus far without the aid of powerful electron microscopes we have at our disposal today is remarkable.

Our Modern acupuncture clinic

Today, we use acupuncture for alleviation of pain and other chronic pain conditions like arthritis or headaches. This therapy treats for both mental and physical stress and strains and many other issues that may wear out our bodies. Among the special purposes for acupuncture therapies is the use for increasing fertility and improving digestion.

Another notable difference between now and then is that acupuncture was used to prevent illnesses but now people mostly wait until they are unwell and then seek help. Receiving the treatment on a regular basis even with a healthy body keeps the doctor away.

What has remained the same?

Doctors back then generalized most health problems and believed that well-being depends on several factors which they believed control our health. These are qi, spirit, essence and blood from the inside and the wind, heat, damp and cold on the outside. There were several guidelines you would say of the procedure which are mostly preserved in our clinics to date. These include:
• Harmonizing yin and yang
• Balancing emotions
• Detoxing from external causes of illnesses.
• Promoting circulation
• Nourishment for the spirit

Why choose us?

When you think about it, the level of accuracy with which these ancient techniques describe diseases which affect the society today is a marvel. While we still use some of the old language to describe the body, we have the same trusted quality procedures from long ago.

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