Tai Chi & Qigong Minneapolis

tai chi minneapolis

Qigong (“Chee-Gung”) is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of exercises that are designed to promote health and longevity through special breathing patterns and postural alignment, combined at times with simple movements. Beginning with Sitting and Standing postures, the student will achieve proper alignment of the body to release excess tension in the muscles, and deep breathing work will result in abundant oxygenation of the body. In time, more advanced exercises are undertaken utilizing visualization/imagery to stimulate various acupuncture points and meridians, the same that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.martial arts minneapolis

Daoyin Yoga

Daoyin is an ancient Chinese form of Yoga; a gentle set of stretching exercises that work all of the major muscle groups and joints. There are numerous sets, forms, and interpretations of Daoyin, most all of them utilize deep breathing while holding and moving through postures similar to those found in Hatha Yoga. One moves slowly and fluidly from one posture to another; gently relaxing the muscles and tendons. A typical routine will begin with joint mobility movements and progress to stretching the muscles from head to toe.

The Six Stances & Taijiquan

In all human movement, any position of the legs – whether they be walking or standing – can be distilled into one of six stances. By focusing on these and learning to move smoothly and comfortably between them, one develops stronger legs and balance. All methods of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) are made up of four core movements. White Dragon Healing Arts focuses on these, and blends them with the Six Stances to create a fluid exercise that can improve balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination through a low-impact series of movements.